Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Button Fairy

I made this button fairy for swap I was in awhile ago but she was my favorite so I felt like posting a pic of her.


  1. Hi Ang, lucky me, I just discovered your blog by chance (clicked next blog button) but where is your follow button so I can follow you? I will try from my page to add you as I love your blog! I make a lot of craft and gift items though haven't featured any handmade for a while on my blog Easy Giving 101. You inspire me!
    best wishes, Starry

  2. Hey Starry wasn't quite sure how to get back to you but I hope you get a chance to read this somehow.Thanks for all the kind words you wrote on my blog.I have added the followers app on my page and am currently following your blog now as well as adding your blog to a blog list.Hope that helps so yes stay in touch.I have been dying to meet craft minded people on Blogger but I just can't seem to find any.

  3. Hi, I found the follow button, and would be happy to recommend your blog to some of my friends, one way I have found of meeting craft people is by checking out who is following sites I like as they are often like minded souls.
    By the way the button fairy is just exquisite I love her more and more looking at her again.
    well I will definitely keep in touch with you,

  4. hi ang....
    just thought i would let you all know my button fairy is well, and hangs in my craft room and blesses me whilst i work shes gorgeous isnt she....
    - any one who gets this artists work will be blessed.
    welcome to blogger....

  5. Oh Allanah...you are so sweet.Thanks for the comment.I'm glad you found me on Blogger and you inspired me to get a blogger site again so Thank You.If you ever want to do another private swap you know where I am.