Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Latest Swap on Swapbot!

I am currently hosting a Spring Themed Matchbox Swap on Swapbot so if anyone out there is interested and in the mood for cool spring items to swap please check out the following link.


  1. What a gorgeous graphic! Wow you are having spring, we are having Autumn (dur!) I am getting ready to do winter warmer blog posts. Mmn spring, being a spring baby I really come alive that time of year, may have to pop over for some spring sunshine in the States.
    well hope you get some good swaps,
    xxx Starry

  2. Thanks...I hope it doesn't get too cold where you are.Technically Spring has arrived here in Canada for me but in the realistics are that it was snowing all day.Brrrr!Not happy about that but I will forge ahead with my swap anyway in hopes to bring Spring into my life somehow...Have you ever been on Swapbot?

  3. No I haven't but you know I am keen to try it now I've heard of it, I am also trying to get ready to open on Etsy. Are you on Etsy?
    Well we don't get snow and ice (a little frost is the worst) we get terrible wind in winter though. I snapped a photo of our first red leaf agains all the green on the same tree.
    Gosh I've been up since 1am and its the mid afternoon, where is the coffee?