Sunday, April 12, 2009

Awww!I love long weekends!

So I had a great weekend.I don't really make a big meal and occasionally my mom might hold an Easter feast but this year I went over to my bro's place and had a barbeque in the beautiful Spring sunshine.Chicken,potatoes,teriyaki vegetables,sweet potatoes baked in brown sugar and just the company of family.Alot of laughs and some wine and just a great day all and all.I had a little time this weekend to stop at the shop where I sell my crafts and to my surprise I had sold some things.It's been awhile since I was there due to work being such a busy time for me.So I decided to make some newer items for them to try and sell for me.So above pics are what I came up with.Little felt covered notebooks I made from scratch with the binding stitched with embroidery thread and a whipstitch to complete the look.I like the butterfly notebook better but I hope to make more of these in different colors and patterns.


  1. I'm glad you've had a nice break last weekend. :) And these look very nice. I see you included a beaded bookmark in each too, which is a nice touch. :)

  2. Thanks Jace.The bookmarks are actually attached right to the book.They are not very long.Now I'm onto my next project.Dresser drawer matchboxes.weeeee!

  3. wow very productive Easter break for you Ang! I love these books, I am sure they will prove popular for you. Where is it you sell, are you on Etsy? I must read your profile again here and on flickr that will tell me the answer right? I have finally opened on Etsy but had to muddle through my prices into US Dollars, hope I haven't made them too high.... I really wasn't sure.
    Anyway, the notebooks are great, have a great creative week, and glad to hear you had a happy Easter with your family.

  4. Love fuzzy soft things to write in! The whole thing sounds fabu...weekend, new goodies, family and all good stuff! As magical as the weekend was,it also had some disappointments...we missed out on our grand baby ie; our other top picks for "baby" pics...also had an op for creating something new for sale...posting this week..,hope for honest opinions...workin' on packaging! Love checkin' in!

  5. Love the felt covered notebooks. I am working on making a book made of felt and fabric for my little one.