Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Newest Artistic Project...Sharpie ATC's!

I have to admit...Sharpies are my new best friend.I felt very inspired today when it came to making ATC's.Later on in the day I got out my new sharpies and just started do some simple imagination sketches and then filled them in with color.I thought I'd make it even more interesting and display them using a photograph out of a book from Ireland that I have.I am so happy that it has been nice out as I am more able to feel creative when there's no snow falling.


  1. These are so artistic and beautiful, Ang. You're very talented. I can't draw to save my life, so you can imagine how much I admire people who can draw so effortlessly. :)

  2. Thanks guys.I haven't really taken the time to draw in a long time.I usually just do pencil sketches but now my heart is owned by Sharpie.Hehe

  3. The colors are o vivid! I love these!! Sharpies in such a beautiful
    These are gorgeous!