Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What's coming up craftwise....

I have been meaning for the past year or 2 to get started on an altered book or journal.Secretly I am terrified of the thought cause it seems like it would take forever to accomplish.I really don't know the first thing about how to start creating one so if anyone has any easy ideas I'm all ears.So hopefully if all goes well I will begin the long process very soon and post as I go.I'm sure it won't be easy and may take awhile to completion but I think I need to challenge myself more than I usually do.Another project for sometime this year is a 4 foot jewerly box however this is hard to describe so if I ever get it done it would be easier to post a picture.So many goals and so little time.Ah!The world spins way too fast for me.LOL

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  1. Ang...I came across suzie blu on you tube she also has a blog...you can find it under my blog list..."A lovely dream"...she has some pretty funny and informative tutorials on you tube for altered journals and other fun arts and crafts...I found her on a search for "fairy in a jar"...scroll through and you will see a whole slew of cool stuff she creates. Good luck with this new project...the jewelry box sounds intriguing...can't wait to hear!